The Series of Artists: Klimt

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The Series of Artists: Klimt

Publisher: Hightone Publishing

Publishing Time: 2021

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 185*260 mm

Pages: 258

Language: Traditional Chinese

ISBN: 978-988-74597-1-2

Klimt, the author of the Austrian treasure The Woman in Gold, was a representative artist of the Vienna Secession, an expert in portraits of glamorous and dreamy noblewomen, and a master of fresh, beautiful landscapes. He had an extremely chaotic private life, never married but had 16 illegitimate children; he was a generous and charitable man who rescued poor women and children and was a cat lover.

This book contains 130 large-format and high-resolution drawings as well as 50 sketches, detailing the three main artistic phases of Klimt's frescoes, portraits and landscape paintings. Featuring diagrams of Klimt's life, a web of women's relationships and a map of Vienna, the book also presents love poems, letters, interviews with friends, and various personal photographs of his life, attempting to let readers insight the artist's legendary life and jump into his artistic and emotional world.

The Series of Artists: Klimt
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