The Series of Artist: REMBRANDT

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The Series of Artist: REMBRANDT

Publisher: Hightone

Publishing Time: 2021

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 185*260 mm

Pages: 256

Language: Traditional Chinese

ISBN: 978-988-74596-7-5


Rembrandt, a representative of European Baroque art and one of the greatest artists in Dutch history, was a master of chiaroscuro who thus inspired the "Rembrandt Lighting" in portrait photography. He was the first person to inherit etching from the past and inspire the future in Europe. He who was crazy about creating self-portraits throughout his life was also the originator of the modern selfie. Ernst van de Wetering, the chairman of the Rembrandt Research Project, says that “Rembrandt thought about and experimented with purely pictorial matters.”


The book begins with a diagram of Rembrandt's life and times, clearly showing the life of him with backgrounds from the world to the Netherlands and the great events of Western art and artists, helping readers quickly understand the world of Rembrandt.


Based on Rembrandt's four major creative phases, the book is divided into four chapters. Each chapter begins with a gallery of Rembrandt's self-portraits, followed with a passage which combines anecdotes from his life and art creation with the social background, fully presenting the tumultuous life of the master.


To present a more concrete Rembrandt, the book quotes 21 famous celebrities at all time and in all over the world to interpret his painting skills from multiple perspectives.


The collection includes 142 oil paintings, 72 self-portraits, and 54 etchings and drawings with a relationship infographic of Rembrandt, providing a glimpse of his brilliant achievements.

The Series of Artist: REMBRANDT
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