Fully Visualized: Branding Stories

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Fully Visualized: Branding Stories

Publisher: Sandu

Publishing Time: 2019-03

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 210*285 mm

Pages: 240

Language: English

ISBN: 978-988-79474-1-7


A good visual identity makes a significant impact on the brand, making it memorable and evoking our imagination. A strong visual identity catches our eyes instantly and conveys a brand’s message right on the spot. To create a visualized brand identity, a designer is obliged to clearly understand the brand’s idea and establish a tacit connection with the brand. In the field of visual identity, telling a brand’s story through good graphics is characterized as the most direct and effective way to introduce a brand in market.


Fully Visualized: Branding Stories features over 80 fully-visualized branding designs from 80 designers and agencies. Through well-tailored graphic elements, each project brings a brand to life. In this book, you can draw a lesson from every project, which will surly turn your reading into an inspirational and practical journey.


Fully Visualized: Branding Stories
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