BRANDLife: Concept Stores Pop-ups

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BRANDLife: Concept Stores Pop-ups

Publisher: Viction:ary

Publishing Time: 2019-03

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 192*255mm

Pages: 280

Language: English

ISBN: 978-988-77747-9-2


Concept stores and pop-ups are all about discovery and stimulation. In a world where shopping options abound in the digital realm alone, perceptive brands are pushing creative boundaries to weave stories and cultivate inspiring ways of living within compelling physical environments to build deeper connections with their customers – whether through timeless narratives that truly distinguish them from the rest, or innovative displays that excite and engage.

In recognising the true power of design, BRANDLife: Concept Stores & Pop-ups demonstrates how graphic identities and interiors can translate a brand’s philosophy and purpose into tangible and memorable experiences. Besides an eye-opening showcase of 60 projects across the world, it features interviews with market leaders who bring the best retail encounters across a variety of mediums and platforms to life.

BRANDLife: Concept Stores Pop-ups
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