WALK AND WATCH —Trade Fair Design

Book Information

WALK AND WATCH —Trade Fair Design

Publisher: Artpower

Publishing Time: 2018-06

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 235 x 290 mm

Pages: 280

Language: English

ISBN: 9789881354136


An exhibition is a wonderful space where lots of unique ideas exist, where various aesthetics meet and exchange. Visiting exhibitions is the best way to finding inspiration and broadening the horizons. No matter what size of exhibition you are designing, attractiveness is the top priority. So what exactly is a good design? What kind of space is the most attractive? How can the unique characteristics of the exhibits be expressed to the visitors through the exhibition design? This book contains excellent projects around the world, and analyzes the essence of space design from a professional perspective. Exhibition routes, display methods, visual graphics, etc. are vital points for personalized design. And the new technology is also one of the important tools to attract considerable attention.

WALK AND WATCH —Trade Fair Design
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