Classic Design of Color Combination

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Classic Design of Color Combination

Curating: Hightone

Publishing Time: 2019-04-01

Binding: Hardcover

Language: Chinese/English

Size: 105*140mm


ISBN: 9789887948223


From the Taishou to the Showa era, Wada Sanzo first saw the necessity of color, and compiled Color Matching (6 volumes, published in 1933). showing the specific color scheme,this "color matching reference book" can be said to be the pioneer of Japanese color culture.

This book is a revision and modification of the well-known masterpiece Color Matching. It collects the color combinations from the Taishou and Showa era which can be used as a reference for materials or applied in modern daily life. A total of 348 color schemes were included. All colors have CMYK values and color matching tables with color scales, which are suitable for research and practice in various other fields such as indoor


Classic Design of Color Combination
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