Gradient Colors Matching Manual

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Gradient Colors Matching Manual 

Curating: Hightone

Publishing Time: 2019-04-01

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 105*140mm


Language: Chinese/English

ISBN: 9789887948230


In design, the colors of the object is not presented in a single way. It has a transition of depth, lightness and darkness, or a slow transition between different colors. We call it "gradient colors". The history of using gradient colors is very long, but it is the design softwares in the computer age that make  the gradient color scheme rich and exquisite. In recent years, the rise of smart phones has led to the applications of gradient colors in interactive interface and product appearance to become popular. 

Gradient colors are highly versatile and can be used in any design medium. Gradient colors are used in product design to create a luxurious look or vibrant and lasting freshness. In logo design, gradients colors can add a unique atmosphere to the logo or image, making it stand out from other designs. The fresh and fashionable theme can use a series of soft tones of gradient colors to create a pure and transparent visual effect. The combination of bright neon color and illuminating colors in geadient colores in the dark background can look dazzling, bold and avant-garde and it is the best choice for the prosperous urban theme. The possibilities of color grading are endless, and by using gradient colors, you can achieve your design and cause audiences' attention.


Gradient Colors Matching Manual
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